In Cloustek, we have opted for quality as a process of business growth. Thus, while innovating in production processes and investing in the most advanced machinery, we have great control over the quality of our products.

With these processes we ensure that our suppliers are involved in the outcome of the final product for us to provide the required satisfaction to our customers and meet their expectations for a reliable and cutting-edge product.

aluminium cloustek

aluminium cloustek

aluminium cloustek

aluminium cloustek

aluminium cloustek

aluminium cloustek

aluminium cloustek

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CE Marked

The CE marking applies to all window manufacturers in the European Union, and is mandatory from February 2010. Cloustek has not been left behind, and complies with the UNE-EN 14351-1 which affects the production of all manual or motorized windows, exterior doors and roof windows.

What is the CE?

The CE marking facilitates the free movement of goods within the European Union by replacing the rules of each country to establish a common level of procedures and tests, which have as their ultimate goal, to offer the customer the expected quality of the product purchased.

So the EC is appointed as a technical passport it is the only valid accreditation to sell our product in the EU and be sure to offer the highest possible quality.

Must meet the CE?

To obtain the CE mark we had to meet the different points:

- Initial Type Testing (EIT): We conducted tests for each type of series we manufacture in an approved laboratory. This test should cover all the fabrications that are done with this series.

- Factory production control: Our studio sets, documents and maintains a production control to ensure that products on the market will be consistent with the stated performance characteristics.

- Declaration of conformity: Once we have achieved compliance, the workshop developed and subsequently kept a declaration of conformity, which authorizes us to set the CE marking.

- Labelling: Finally, we must properly label all windows and provide the customer a product manual.

Next, please find attached an example of the marking to have found our products.

CE-P certificate


However, it is the only certificate of quality with which we meet your expectations, and that our suppliers also offer you the peace of other quality labels, what the A-pplus our manufacturer Qualicoat glass or aluminum.

We show an example of certificates that comply with our grid, leading suppliers of aluminum.

certificat alumini


Then we show examples of Applus quality certificates, which complies with our supplier of glass.

vidre templat 1 cristal templado 2 cristal templado 3 cristal camara

It is also our duty to inform you that we are performing the tasks to get soon the quality certificate ISO 9001. This certificate is our next target.